The Salmon’s Tail

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An epic orchestral work following the life cycle of the Salmon, with Phil Bancroft delivering an extraordinary improvised solo performance playing the spirit of the Salmon from birth to death on whistle, soprano and tenor saxophones. It has an immersive cinematic quality featuring binaural field recordings of the actual locations described in the story, The Salmon's Tail follows the journey from the hatching of the Ova in Rock Pool, as a Parr then Smolt moving down the River Tay, past the noise of Dundee to the pollution of the North Sea and the glory of the Atlantic, before the return journey back to the very pool where their life began.
Conceived and composed by Dundonian composer and musician Kevin Murray, there is a narrated version and an instrumental-only version. Bancroft’s solo part was recorded over 20 years ago in multiple sessions, and the arrangement features contributions from many leading musicians including Colin Steele, Mario Caribe, Brian Kellock, John Rae.
The result has been painstakingly arranged, remixed and transferred to new digital orchestral samples- a true epic labour of love by Murray- and a candidate for Scotland’s answer to Peter and The Wolf- with a message ideally suited to our times.

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Smolt- from The Salmon's Tail
The North Sea- from The Salmon's Tail
The North Atlantic
The Run Home
Drift Net
The Estuary
Friaarton Net
Perth to Dunkeld
The Fight and Finale


Phil Bancroft - The Salmon’s Tail

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