Member Benefits

You can support the creation of contemporary music by sharing links to music you love
to earn and spend credits on Myriad Streams.

Earning Credits

You earn credits by sharing links to Myriad Streams that successfully bring people to the site:

If the person you shared to i) visits the site, ii) signs up for Free Forever Membership,
or iii) signs up for a paid membership, you earn credits you can redeem for free album downloads
from Bandcamp, free paid subscriptions, or which you can send as gifts to friends.
NB: You can gift either album download codes for Bandcsmp or paid subscriptions. 

If you successfully Share, you can Earn...

1 credit for each unique links shared that is clicked on - maximum 1 credit per share.

2 credits for each free sign up resulting from a shared link - note in order to register the credits,
the sign up must be in the same browsing session as the link click.

4 Credits - 1-Day Sign Up 
6 Credits - Month Sign Up
12 Credits - Year Sign Up

Spending Credits- Introductory Offer

You can spend your earned credits on:

1 Album download - 12 credits

3 month Subscription - 12 credits

12-months Subscripotion- 24 Credits

Credits values for earning and spending may change at any time.

How To Redeem Your Credits

You can see how many credits you have earned at the top right of the Myriad Streams page-
where it says Sharing Credits.

Once you have earned enough credits- send an email to
with subject header- 'Please Redeem my Credits' or 'Please Gift My Credits...'.

Redeem: In the email, detail whether you want an album download or a subscription, and detail subsctiption level (3 or 12-months).

Gift: Give the name and email address of the person to whom you wish to make the gift,
and whether you want to gift a subsciptioin (and at which level) or an album downloiad code.

Many Thanks for Supporting Myriad Streams!